People of Nepal: Rai


Nepal is a very ancient country, which has been ruled by many dynasties. Among them, the Kirat rule is taken.The Chamlinge Rai belong to a cluster of people known as the Rai, the largest ethnic group in eastern Nepal. Each of the Rai groups speaks a different dialect.Rai People. The Rai people are one of Nepal's oldest ethno-linguistic groups. They are in several ways similar to Limbus, and both groups were once part of the.Peoples of Nepal: Rai, is a brief introduction book on Nepali People. but equally fascinating in their cultural traditions are the Tamang, Rai, Limbu, Magar, .Rai, also called Khambu, a people indigenous to eastern Nepal, living west of the Arun River in the area drained by the Sun Kosi River, at elevations of.So the figure presented by Nepal's census report about Kirat Rai's People belonging to Kirat Rai community are divided into multiple.Rai caste is one of listed ethnic group of Nepal. According to National census of its population is , Rai people are mostly live in far.The Rai, also known as the Khambu (people of Khumbu region) are one of Nepal's most ancient indigenous ethnolinguistic groups. The Rai.The Bantawa Rai of Nepal, numbering , are Engaged yet Unreached. Himalaya people cluster within the Tibetan / Himalayan Peoples affinity bloc.Khambu Rai to enter from a movement of revivalism to the war of separate The ethnic consciousness of the people of Nepal is quiet old and if it is the case.Nepal is a very ancient country, which has been ruled by many dynasties, among them, the Kirat rule is taken.About Nepal. Rai. The Rais come from surrounding hills in the North- Eastern Nepal ; mainly near Dhankuta, Terhathum, Bhojpur and Arun and Dudh valleys.One of the greatest assets of the Nepal is its people. Newar, Sherpa, Tamang, Rai, Magar, Limbu etc are the majority ethnic groups of Nepal.identification of an ensemble of populations in Nepal. Grégoire .. These people s cm to be Limbu or Rai From the Far. Kirant (also ca lied 'Rai.Nepali people dont just look like "Chinese. The Khas are the Indo-Iranid people of Nepal. . A Sikkimese Indian police officer from the Rai community.